Name: IATI Activity standard

Reference: Organisation Standard (IATI)

Need to Act?

If your organisation is active in the area of international aid, but not yet publishing its data with the IATI standard (see IATI Registry) then consider doing so. See Preparing your organisation.


The IATI Activity standard is designed for reporting the details of individual development cooperation activities/projects.

An activity is defined by the reporting organisation. Depending on who is reporting, it might be a large programme, a small project or another logical grouping of work and resources.

The IATI activity standard is the most widely used part of IATI. The activity standard supports around forty different fields, referenced by standard codelists, and designed to capture information about many different kinds of aid activities.

Organisations publish this data in an activity file. It is expected that every organisation publishing IATI data should include one at least activity file.

A activity file can detail one or many activities, and a organisation can publish one or many files.

Three types of organisation:

  • reporting-org - the organisation publishing the data within the organisation file.
  • iati-organisation - the organisation that the data is about
  • recipient-org - the organisation in receipt of budgets specified in recipient-org-budget

Further details: Type of Organisations

Three types of budget (all relate to the specific iati-organisation being described):

  • total-budget - total annual planned budget of the iati-organisation.
  • recipient-org-budget - budget for disbursements to another organisation.
  • recipient-country-budget - budget for each country in which the iati-organisation operates.

Further details: Budgets


The standard has been used by over 250 organisations, as can be seen in the IATI Registry.

Call to Action - #ACT4SDGs

More aid organisations use the IATI Standard.