Name Legislative Tracking System
Reference Legislative Tracking System (by Municipal Association of South Carolina, MASC)

Need to Act?

Via Parliamentary Monitoring Organizations (in your country) you can find out whether some form of legislative tracking services exist in your country.

  • If there is, you could get in touch with the organization providing the service.
  • If not, you may join the open LinkedIn Group Parliamentary-Monitoring, and explore what could be done about this gap.


A legislative tracking system allows for detailed searching and up-to-the-minute tracking of daily legislative activity.

The tracking system of MASC, for instance, follows bills that directly and indirectly impact the cities and towns of South Carolina in the US. Bills are categorized by bill number, sponsor, monitoring level, subject and keyword, date introduced, and date action was taken by a subcommittee, committee or the full House or Senate.


Only available for the regulatory initiatives affecting specific stakeholder groups.


In line with the expectations of the social contract and democracy, legislative tracking services should become available for everyone.

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