Name: Reading lists

Reference: Teachers and professors (as library stakeholders)

Need to Act?

Reading lists are a frequent cause of excessive "book buying obligations for the parents of young readers", especially so when they are poor.

This is particularly the case when the local library cannot afford to buy the reading list books in sufficient quantity to simultaneously help all pupils who are faced with curriculum use of a book.


Reading lists are used in classrooms, libraries and homes to help young readers find books they will enjoy.

In classrooms, a reading list may list books for curriculum use. The young readers have to choose books for making assignments including reading the book.

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Your library and school, publishers (copyright holders).

Call to Action - #ACT4SDGs

Librarians and teachers should agree tactics to align the library supply of books with their curriculum use, for instance by avoiding that the number of pupils who have to read a book simultaneously exceeds the number of copies held at a library, and to reserve those books for pupils during the periods they are eligible for curriculum use.