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Need to Act?

It is and will remain free to #tagcode, or to retrieve #tagcoded information via the internet.

Ask your favorite content providers or curators to #tag code what they share.

Recommended are:

  • Adoption by authors and publishers when they share non-fiction content, for instance open data with local relevance.
  • Tagging of content in locally used languages.


A #tag cloud (#tagcloud) is an alphabetic term cloud with terms that include both a name and a hashtag, separated by "-".

It is typically used to easily find the #WWlgu hashtag for a geographic location as explained in the video below.

A person who codes online non-fiction content by adding its corresponding hashtags is a #tag coder.


The Actor Atlas contains #tag clouds for these geographic locations:

The Actor Atlas also contains #tag clouds for topic dimensions that are covered by #tag pivots:

#tag pivot with topic dimension corresponding #tag cloud
sustainable development targets alphabetic keyword cloud
economic activities alphabetic keyword cloud for economic activities
functions of government alphabetic keyword cloud

Check #tag pivot for details on the use of the #tag pivots, and #tag guidelines for additional guidance and #tag resources.


All use #WWlgu hashtags when sharing local development content, as pioneered by

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