Health Care

Start the name with "xxx-HC-", where xxx- denotes the country, city or rural area for which the actant is specific. Do not use the prefix for an actant that is described as a pattern that can be instantiated for multiple areas.

For actors in this sector, see: Health Care actor map (Actor Atlas).

For constraints affecting development in this sector, see: Constraints to Achieving MDG 4, MDG 5 and MDG 6.

For Content Commons Tutorial chapters related to health care, see: Application Health Care.


If the HC actant is specific for a country, then one can use XX-HC- as prefix for the actant name, with XX the ISO 3166 country code for the country. In that case a reference to the actant may also be included in the country actant list, and the country name should be included as a tag of the page.

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